Residential Roof Drain Cleaning

Most residential homes have roof gutters that flow into downspout drains that direct water away from the house. When those downspouts are connected to underground drains that flow to municipal storm drains or street gutters, they sometimes become clogged with tree roots and debris. These types of clogs cause gutters to overflow and the weight of the water can cause gutters to pull away from a house while inflicting water damage and rot to the structure. Please note that Dyno-Rooter does not clean roof gutters or rectangular aluminum gutter downspouts.

Dyno-Rooter can mechanically clean underground residential roof drainpipes as long as the pipe is made from heavy schedule pipe that can withstand the power and motion of the Dyno-Rooter machine. Your Dyno-Rooter service technician can make that determination with a visual inspection before attempting to clean and unclog the pipe. Older homes were often built with terracotta or cast-iron underground roof drains. These rugged pipes can easily withstand a Dyno-Rooter mechanical cleaning. Old Orangeburg/bituminized/tar paper fiber pipe may not withstand a professional cleaning and Dyno-Rooter may decline to clean it unless a customer signs a hold harmless release.